It seems like each day more new disposable products come on the market.  We have everything now from disposable diapers to razors up to disposable Christmas trees.

We are so accustomed to instant gratification that we are too quick to dispose of our friends, family members, relationships and even marriages.  Heck, even a presidential candidate threw out half of the voting electorate just the other day.

Our relationships fail for a host of reasons. We sometimes violate boundaries, live independently from one another, or worse, become dishonest or even destructive. Who wouldn’t want to run away from those attributes and delete that person into their trash  bin? But that’s my point – is your failing relationship that insurmountable that there’s no breath of life left in it?  I doubt it.

I consult with too many people that would give anything to have a second chance again. A   young woman that I know would give anything to talk to her brother again if he just hadn’t pulled the trigger on his gun which he had pointed at his head.  Or the husband that 20 minutes earlier dismissed his wife when she complained that he was spending too much time at the office was then notified that she just died in a tragic car accident.

If you believe that each action has a reaction, then you can apply that principle to any failing relationship.  Try to discover why he/she violated the relationship by binging the stranger in and build on the new beginning should you consider it.  Try and help that person find the right support group that can help them understand and heal their destructive behavior before it gets out of control.  Remember, it takes two to Tango, but also, it takes two to stumble.

It takes about 40 years for a disposable diaper to biodegrade.  By comparison an average marriage in the USA lasts only 8 years.  And as for those dead Christmas trees are concerned, there are many municipalities that are turning them into mulch rather than piling them up in a disposable landfill.  Maybe we can turn something that seems dead into something worth working with.