Have you ever been forced to suddenly stop what you were doing?  Did you get angry at the event like I did recently?  According to Native American folklore, the White Ibis represents danger and optimism.

Recently I was racing to an appointment that I was running late to.  Somewhat familiar with the neighborhood, I turned off the GPS and veered onto a windy single lane road with a steep incline hill.  The clock read that I had 6 minutes to get there, but I knew I had at least 8 more drive time minutes.  I saw in my peripheral vision a school bus heading into the same direction.  Like you, I didn’t want to get stuck behind a school bus making those frequent stops, so I hit the gas.

Just as I attempted to go that much faster I reached the top of the hill and encountered a
flock of White American Ibis birds crossing the road.  Having no other choice but to stop I was seething at the birds waiting impatiently until they crossed. One lone Ibis behind the rest of the flock seemed to be mocking me as it took its time crossing.  Its red beak was high in the air as if it was sticking his nose up at me. Honestly, I thought…keep walking! Those 45 seconds certainly seemed like eternity.

Descending down the hill while winding around the bend I wondered what the bird was trying to tell me, then it suddenly became clear.  Just a yard a head of me a bunch of kids on their bikes racing like me except for one little girl that lost her balance on her tricycle. Barely able see her on the ground because she was in the shadow cast by the big oak tree on the street corner, I was able to stop in time to watch her get up back on her bike.  I was angry with myself wondering what if I didn’t stop in time?  What if I had my sunglasses on would I have been able to see her?  I then wondered what if those Ibises didn’t get in my way.

It’s said that the Ibis bird is the last to be seen before a hurricane strikes, and the first to emerge once the storm has passed.  I was grateful for my sign and remembered that if things are too hard to accomplish then perhaps it’s not meant to be.  Things like trying too many times to fix that broken relationship or go against your gut instinct that says it just doesn’t fit right. How often have you encountered those signs from above?