About me

Mike Pace is a 3rd-generation psychic and medium. Since the age of seven, Mike has been using his gifts reading for friends and family. Mike began reading professionally for clients in 1998. His clients range from famed celebrities in the entertainment industry, to Wall Street executives, to everyday people just looking for answers and insight into life and its occurrences.

Mike’s readings are direct, honest and extremely accurate. He helps his clients to understand events that are now happening in their lives, as well as predicting events yet to come. As a medium, Mike is able to communicate with the spirits of loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Since January 2001, he has conducted over 70,500 readings with a client base from around the world.

Mike has appeared on numerous radio shows throughout the country, including NBC affiliates, and televised talk shows such as the syndicated program “New Jersey’s Talking with Lee Leonard”. He has also been featured several metaphysical magazines in the United States, Europe and Africa.

Mike is an ordained Priest, teacher and lecturer, using his gifts to help educate others, and enjoy his life.

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